Sunday, February 20, 2011

This year for Christmas I decided to surprise Joe and Candace with a trip to the happiest place on earth. I invited Candace's boyfriend Corey and really enjoyed getting to know him much better. Candace and Joe had now idea it was so much fun seeing the surprise on there faces on Christmas morning. We had a wonderful time the weather was amazing the only thing that could have made it better would have been to have Tyler there with us. I love being with family and the memories that are being made. It's going to be an amazing year and I can't wait to see what the new year will bring. Thanks Candace, Corey and Joe for a great trip.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Mission Fun

I've been waiting for the memory card from Tyler. I really look forward to seeing his companions and the area's he's serving in. Videos are the best I never though he would come up with this. It's a good thing he has taken piano from his grandma he put a smile on everyones face. Sit back get the popcorn and enjoy.Tyler bought a GPS when he arrived in Hershey. From the looks of the video he needs to get his money back. It's so nice to hear his laugh. I love being a missionary mom. Counting down the days until I can talk to him at Christmas.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Missionary Update

The colors of fall are so amazing. Tyler always has such a positive attitude his smile is infectious.
What can I say he likes to dance whether is be in the middle of the street or on the dance floor yes he did get his dancing moves from his dad
Tyler is serving in Towanda Pennsylvania you may ask where is Towanda upstate PA right next to New York. Its a very small town it reminds Tyler of Telluride Colorado. He feels like he has now tracted the entire town. The pictures that he sends home are so beautiful the leaves are starting to change the colors are amazing. He wanted us to feel bad for him by telling us this was the house they were having to live in.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Elder Ashby's first baptism if you can't tell by the big grin on his face a picture says a thousand words. They both look so radiant I can't help but be so proud of him. He has grown so much in the short 9 weeks he has been gone. He said in his email today it's not about the numbers its about changing someones life.
Elder Munn from Springville is his new companion. Tyler said they get along and have similar interests he said in his last email he is so lucky to have such great companions to serve with. Elder Munn will be coming home in 6 weeks so Tyler will be his last companion. This is Elder Ashby's first baptism his name is Ray I will have more to tell after I speak with him on mothers day. One hour a week is not long enough to get the entire story from him so excited to hear his voice in a few short days and to hear Ray's conversion story.
2 weeks ago Elder Ashby said good bye to his first companion Elder Worthen. Elder Ashby has loved serving with him and will always have a great friendship with him he is from Las Vegas Elder Ashby was worried that he wouldn't get another companion like Elder Worthen he has really enjoyed the training that he has received from him and as a mom I'm so grateful his first companion was so amazing.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Elder Tom Ballard and Elder Tyler Ashby at the MTC ready for the big day

Elder Tyler Ashby this is it the MTC yes the day has finally come!Ashby family February 3 2010
Brian and Karen Parker with the kids just wanting one last hug from Tyler the night before he left. Mack told Tyler he can't wait to be a missionary.
Tyler with Eric Franson YM president and friend
Tyler with the Orchard Hills ward Bishopric, Bishop Rich Brother Brian Blackhurst and Brother Alec Clark a very great group of men that Tyler really looks up to.
Tyler and Nick Greer. Nick was Tyler's YM leader for 3 years before he moved away Tyler says if it wasn't for Nick not giving up on him he may not be where he is today. He's a great friend.
Grandpa and Grandma Parker with Grandma Davis
The Trospers we consider them family not neighbors Tyler is really going to miss Leah she would always put a smile on his face,
Nate Hiatt a great friend and YM leader Tyler has always had a special spot in his heart for Nate.
Tyler and Kyle Parker. In the Parker family we get together once a month to celebrate birthdays Tyler was the only February birthday until Kyle was born. Tyler was hoping to share a birthday with him, but no Kyle decided to come a day earlier Feb 2. Tyler loves to tease and wrestle with him I think Kyle kind of likes Tyler to.
Jake Barney Adam Derfler Shannon Summerhays and Mitch Nicholes great friends of Tylers Shannons uncle is going to be Tylers mission President she is so excited for him to be serving with him. It was fun to talk to her about her uncle and get to know him a little better.

What a wonderful week we have had. I can't say thanks enough to my family, friends , coworkers and neighbors we could not have made it through this week with out you.

Saturday, January 30, 2010


The month of February holds a lot of change for the Ashby family. First Tyler will be leaving to serve his 2 year mission on February 3 2010. Then on February 22 2010 Joe's parents Dave and Bonnie will be leaving to serve an 18 month mission in Iceland. We are so happy for both Tyler and mom and dad Ashby to be serving they will be missed, but we know that they will be so blessed by serving missions. I am a world of emotions right now I don't know whether to laugh or cry. I find if I keep myself constantly busy I don't have time to cry. This next week will be very hard for myself and my family I remember putting my brothers in the MTC and the emotions that came along with having them leave. The last few days Tyler and I have been looking at the mission presidents blog and its been so fun seeing the other elders and sisters and the smiles on there faces in all of the pictures. I've joined LDS missionary moms a website based out of Lehi. Its been fun hearing from other moms that have missionaries either entering the MTC the same day as Tyler or have missionaries serving already in Pennsylvania. Its been a very positive experience so far. Thanks to all the family and friends that have helped in any way this past couple of months. Wish us luck ready or not here we go.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Elder Tyler Joe Ashby has been called to serve for the next 2 years in Pittsburg Pennsylvania he will enter the MTC on February 3 2010 which is also his 19th birthday. He is so excited so teach and meet the people of Pittsburg. We are so proud of him and his decision to serve a mission. It will be hard to see him go, but I know this is the best thing he could be doing right now in his life. I look at his friends and what a great influence they have been in his life they are great young men. Best of luck to a great missionary.