Sunday, January 11, 2009

Great Friends

Meadowbrook ROCKS!  Joe and I are so lucky to live in such a great neighborhood.  This year for the Christmas party we went to play laser tag then had dinner at Los Hermanos.  I consider this neighborhood my second family.  The friendships that we have are priceless.  Thanks for the great times that we have had and many more to come.
This year for Christmas Tyler just had to have this jacket he is the one in white.  It's creepy to see him zip it all the way up although he says its great for removing snow it keeps your face really warm.  Tom is sporting the multi color jacket.

I am so grateful for such great young men that Tyler is associated with.  He has had the opportunity this year t0 meet Sam he is a foreign exchange from Brazil here for the school year. Adam (little derf) and Tom.   They know how to have a great time and have such great standards.  They were preparing to attend a school dance and all had a great time.


Wow Alan is now about 7 feet tall I guess eating your veggies even as adult you can still get taller.
On Christmas Eve the Ashby family will get together to have a wonderful dinner and then exchange gifts.  Joe's mom has a wall at her house where everyone marks how tall they are every time we get together like the brothers are still growing.  They hate the fact that Tyler is now taller than all of them by 1/4 inch.  Notice in the first family picture to the 2nd Joe's brother Alan suddenly grew about 8 inches he just about cut his head out of the picture.  We are so lucky to have such a great family and to celebrate the holidays with them.