Friday, February 5, 2010

Elder Tom Ballard and Elder Tyler Ashby at the MTC ready for the big day

Elder Tyler Ashby this is it the MTC yes the day has finally come!Ashby family February 3 2010
Brian and Karen Parker with the kids just wanting one last hug from Tyler the night before he left. Mack told Tyler he can't wait to be a missionary.
Tyler with Eric Franson YM president and friend
Tyler with the Orchard Hills ward Bishopric, Bishop Rich Brother Brian Blackhurst and Brother Alec Clark a very great group of men that Tyler really looks up to.
Tyler and Nick Greer. Nick was Tyler's YM leader for 3 years before he moved away Tyler says if it wasn't for Nick not giving up on him he may not be where he is today. He's a great friend.
Grandpa and Grandma Parker with Grandma Davis
The Trospers we consider them family not neighbors Tyler is really going to miss Leah she would always put a smile on his face,
Nate Hiatt a great friend and YM leader Tyler has always had a special spot in his heart for Nate.
Tyler and Kyle Parker. In the Parker family we get together once a month to celebrate birthdays Tyler was the only February birthday until Kyle was born. Tyler was hoping to share a birthday with him, but no Kyle decided to come a day earlier Feb 2. Tyler loves to tease and wrestle with him I think Kyle kind of likes Tyler to.
Jake Barney Adam Derfler Shannon Summerhays and Mitch Nicholes great friends of Tylers Shannons uncle is going to be Tylers mission President she is so excited for him to be serving with him. It was fun to talk to her about her uncle and get to know him a little better.

What a wonderful week we have had. I can't say thanks enough to my family, friends , coworkers and neighbors we could not have made it through this week with out you.